Moonlighting Band



Moonlighting is a band of seasoned musicians, an evolution from the group “Honeymoon Swing” with some other experienced players.

With configurations ranging from 2 to 5 players, Moonlighting is an adaptable professional group who can fill your event with infectious rhythm for light hearts and light feet whether it is a quiet party or full blown dance event.

Why Moonlighting?

This band, corralled by Matthew Gryspeerdt are skilled and artful in engaging with audience when necessary and creating atmosphere as appropriate.

The repertoire is carefully chosen jazz/swing/honky tonk songs from the mid 20th century and a few more recent tunes played in the older style, Music from before the time of Rock n Roll that evolved with swing dance styles from Charleston to Lindy Hop, Balboa to Collegiate Shag.

Here in the UK there is a new enthusiasm for these vintage moods and styles which have been embraced by empty nesters, baby boomers and hipsters. The band play for an ever growing crowd of flapper, hoppers, hep cats, shaggers and jivers!

Book Us for Your Event

Moonlighting is available for festivals, private celebrations and more.